Research Projects

Here is the list of projects which I am/was involved and the relevant questions of each that I try to answer:

Computational Biology and Cancer Genomics

  • How to do statistically sound large scale drug screening for combination (targeted) therapy when only outcome of single concentration combination is available?
  • Given a snapshot of a cancer tumor, can we build the order in which mutations accumulated?
  • What is a relation between genes, pathways, and hallmark of cancer?
  • Given a set of drugs and the genetic makeup of a patient, can we exploit cancer subtypes to suggest a more promising treatment?

High Dimensional Statistics

  • Having a meaningful grouping of samples, can we make a better prediction in high dimensional regime?
  • How can we handle measurement errors in high dimensional regime?

Social Network Analysis

  • Who is the most influential person in a social network of customers when they can change their loyalties?
  • Given crowd-sourced noisy labels of tweets, can we learn to classify sentiments of a tweet?
  • Assume we can modify social ties. What are the best links to add to a social network to increase the impact of a viral marketing campaign?